Wednesday, April 5, 2017

224 Brightstone Cir Folsom --- JUST SOLD for $370,000

A great discovery.  There is still a good bargain in California.  Folsom is about an hour and a half drive from Oakland.  The school seems great, and the cost to purchase home?  Excellent!
Though there are competitions there, too, the price will not go as crazy as that around Bay Area. This nice looking home in a quiet neighborhood with 2bed/2.5bath was just sold for $370,000!

本日、クローズのこの物件。サクラメントのフォルソムという街にあります。少し、手をかけてあげなければいけませんが、なかなかポテンシャルのある物件、価格は、おそらく、ベイエリアの半額以下でしょう。学校区が良いので、小さいお子さんがいる家族にも、喜ばれるのでは? なんと、$370、000です。


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