Thursday, March 26, 2015

Feedback from my client (お客様のレビュー)

My recent client wrote such nice things about me, and I wanted to share with you. :)


I started my house hunting at the very end of 2014 when I happen to find a house to buy. I asked Hiroko to do all the arrangements. Toward the end of the course, our inspector found that there is water in the crow area. The inspector just presented the fact. I was not sure what the issue mean to the house. It was Hiroko who gave me a meaningful advice. With it, I drew back from the house. It was an heartbreaking decision, as I lost a dream house, and Hiroko lost her entire efforts that she made during her Xmas and new year holiday. But one thing became clear to me from this: Hiroko is not trying to let us buy a house. She is trustful. 

My purchasing a house was a family project, and each family member had different visions. Until we found the final house, we had to see more than 50 houses. Our opinions were often self-contradictory. Hiroko stayed patient. Never once did I feel that she was annoyed with us. She researched every house we referred to her genuinly and guided us to the right direction. 

Hiroko is such a charming person. Easy to talk. We had a pleasant conversation about all those little things, while we looked around the houses. But, when it comes to negotiation with the seller agents, she is strong, professional and strategic. You would appreciate this aspect of her if you want to buy a good house, as a good house means more competition. When you want to win the race, you need someone like Hiroko who is capable of getting what you want. 

Hiroko works fast. Everything including setting up inspectors and preparing the agreements was done by her, in such an efficient way. I signed all the documents that she prepared via online DocuSign service. In communication, she is very responsive and flexible. As I hate texting and phone talk, I emailed her. My son used Text. My wife talked on the phone. No matter what your favorite media is, you can get a hold of her immediately. --- Koh N. 

Whether you are selling or buying, please contact me when you have any real estate related questions.:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What can you get in the East Bay for $800K today? March 25, 2015

I have many clients who are looking for/wanting to buy a house in Albany/Berkeley/Oakland.  It is quite interesting to see what you can get in today market.

1. 807 Talbot Ave Albany (Listed for $649,000 and sold for $800,000)
This cute 2 bed/1 bath home is about $878 sq ft with a typical Albany lot of 2,500 sq ft.  With 4 offers, the price climbed up to $800,000, resulting $911/sq ft. Wow!

2. 2157 Shattuck Ave Oakland (Listed for $699,000 Sold for $800,000)
The house has 3 bed/2bath with 1,104 sq ft. The lot size is $3,960 sq ft. It is located in North Oakland close to Berkeley.  $633 sq ft.

3. 2058 Drake Dr Oakland (Listed for $599,000 Sold for $803,000)
The property has 3 bed/2bath with 2,408 sq ft on 11,250 sq ft lot.  It is located in Montclair in Oakland Hills.  It has received 18 offers.

4. 222 Broadway Unit 808 Oakland (Listed for $699,000 and Sold for $810,000)
If you prefer living in Jack London Square, this is what you can get for around $800K.  A 2bed/2bath condo with 1,266 sq ft. HOA due is pricy $710/monthly.

Whether you are selling or buying, please contact me when you have any real estate related questions.:)

Home Buyer Seminar ホームバイヤーセミナー 


事前ご予約が必要ですので、電話(510-409-3472)、またはメイル( でお知らせくださいませ。

日時:4月26日 日曜日10時より12時まで
場所:オークランド弊社(The Bond at Jack London Square) 



Saturday, March 21, 2015

East Bay Modern - Berkeley Quarterly Newsletter - March 2015

Here is the newest newsletter.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding to the Berkeley Real Estate Market. 



Saturday, March 14, 2015

アルバニーの一軒家 Home in Albany

The 2015 real estate selling season has begun!  The East Bay real estate is hotter than ever. Today I am blogging about a property in Albany that my clients made an offer recently.  At the end they didn't get it, but it was close call and I wanted to share with you how hot the market was/is/and will be!

The house is a great condition with many detailed upgrades.  And it has many special features like a Japanese system bath unit, TOTO washlets, and wine cellars.  Nothing fancy but things were added very nicely.

After two Sunday open houses, the property received 14 offers.  Who knows how high the offer price will be. We shall find out when the deal is close.

My clients didn't offer the top dollars but we wrote a very clean appealing offer, that got seller's attention.  I also added a nice letter to tell the sellers how my buyers would appreciate the house.  All these attentions to details made the seller counter offer my buyer.

The lesson I want to share with you is when you make an offer, pay attentions to all the details.  At today' market, sellers and their agents will check every terms and conditions.  Plan ahead and well. :) Then you will have a better chance to get your dream home.

And I am recommending all my clients to buy now, if they are thinking of buying in a year or two.  The market doesn't seem to go anywhere but up and so it the interest rate.  When the interest rate goes up, your buying power will diminish.  You have more buying power now than later, unless you are sitting on a huge stock option or your income increase dramatically.

And just in case you need a great agent, please contact me at 510-409-3472, or







Japanese System Bath Unit imported from Japan

A nice wine cellar in basement

Lovely backyard garden

TOTO washlets

Glass devider with some kind of glasses in it.

Lovely Zen master bedroom

Saturday, March 7, 2015

4333 Fleetwood Dr Richmond - Just Sold for $525,000


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Beagle Freedom Project

Do you know Beagle Freedom Project?  This is a non-profit organization that dedicates to rescue beagles used as laboratory animals.

It is quite shocking to find out that there are still many companies that use animals for testing, especially beagles.   Is it really necessary to sacrifice animals for our convenience?  Please check their website.  There are so much you can do!




マリアが家族になってから、時々ビーグル犬のインターネットで検索をするようになりました。そんな中でビーグル犬を自由にするプロジェクトというサイトに出会いました。よんでびっくり。今現在でも、色々な目的でビーグル犬を含め、様々な動物が研究所でテストの為に犠牲になっているとの事。内容は様々ですが、例えば、化粧品、家庭で使用する潜在、ローションなどのテストにも遣われているという事です。何故でしょうか? テストに遣われた犬たちは大抵が殺されます。そこまでして新しい商品が必要なのでしょうか? 納得いかない。