Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Decluttering my home (断捨離)


My garbage collection day is Wednesday, but normally my red bin (trash bin) is almost always more than a half empty.  And I felt we had so much stuff in the house since this year is our 10 year anniversary since we moved to this house.    

I have never lived in one place for this long since I moved to the US.  Changing where you live is tiring but you sure get rid of lots of things when you move.  No wonder my house feels a lot smaller. Besides, my kids got bigger.  
So I decided to declutter  my house.  Every Tuesday evening I fill up my red garbage bin with things I no longer needed.  There are a lot of things I haven't used in garage.  It was quite easy to decide.
We also had many books. It's nice to have them but they are getting out of control.  So, we have donated more than 10 boxes of books to our local library.  Hope they can either sell or reuse.  
(Oakland Public Library)

Inside of my garage, I also found many many paint cans that previous owners left and that I bought.  Do you know you are not supposed to dispose them with regular trash?  You have to bring them in to special household hazard collection centers.  I found the following if you live in Alameda County.
It's free to residence. I went there today.  It was so efficient and they took care of everything.  Highly recommended.  Besides paints, they take all kinds of stuffs for you.  

We also had many clothes new and used. I took them to Salvation Army, hoping that they can be used again. Salvation Army will pick up things for you but when I tried to make an appointment, I got to wait for more than 1 month. So, I decided to bring them to them.  

Now my house got a bit cleaner, and bigger (at feast feel bigger),  

I will continue doing this. It's a good practice.  Besides, it's a lot easier to clean up the house now. 


  • 断:入ってくるいらない物を断つ。
  • 捨:家にずっとあるいらない物を捨てる。
  • 離:物への執着から離れる。


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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Oakland Real Estate Market Report - June 2018

Good morning!  Here is June Oakland Real Estate Sales report.  The median sale price continues to climb. The average days on the market stays almost same as previous months.


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