Friday, August 23, 2019

省エネ!(Energy Efficiency)

Are you interested in finding an energy efficient home? Let me help you understand the return on your investment - message me to learn more.

Incentives: Check out this for California.  

Leaks: It's not so difficult.  You may be able to do it by yourself!

Thermostat:  I changed mine to Nest a few years ago.  Nest send me how I perform in terms of energy saving once a month.  Very informative.  I am sure there are other thermostats do the same.

Air Conditioning:  it is important to choose a right size for your home.  The bigger is not always better. 

LED: Price on LED bulbs are coming down nicely.  It will be for sure save your money.... Hence, it's good for our earth.

Appliances:  I love my instant hot water system.  Yes, it's still more money compared to a conventional water heater.  But in the long run, you will save money.  You don't waste cold water while waiting for hot water to come.  ;)

Happy Friday!

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