Thursday, January 9, 2014

モンクレアーお買い得物件!Montclair Contractor's Special for $349,000



When I find a property called, " A Contractor's Special," I tend to grin. And ask myself what is wrong with it?  Often, it has major problems that cost you lots of money.  But occasionally it may not be so bad.  This one just went on the market a couple days ago at the corner of Thornhill Dr and Sobrante in Montclair.  Everyday I drove by this house up and down.  It doesn't seem to be a well maintained house by looking.   Any how, it is listed for $349,000 for 2bedroom with over 1,000 sq ft.  Close to the Montclair Swimming club. Able to walk to Thornhill Elementary.  Though it is a bit stretch, the Montclair library and the Village can be reached by foot!

What to see? Let me know!


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