Saturday, March 14, 2015

アルバニーの一軒家 Home in Albany

The 2015 real estate selling season has begun!  The East Bay real estate is hotter than ever. Today I am blogging about a property in Albany that my clients made an offer recently.  At the end they didn't get it, but it was close call and I wanted to share with you how hot the market was/is/and will be!

The house is a great condition with many detailed upgrades.  And it has many special features like a Japanese system bath unit, TOTO washlets, and wine cellars.  Nothing fancy but things were added very nicely.

After two Sunday open houses, the property received 14 offers.  Who knows how high the offer price will be. We shall find out when the deal is close.

My clients didn't offer the top dollars but we wrote a very clean appealing offer, that got seller's attention.  I also added a nice letter to tell the sellers how my buyers would appreciate the house.  All these attentions to details made the seller counter offer my buyer.

The lesson I want to share with you is when you make an offer, pay attentions to all the details.  At today' market, sellers and their agents will check every terms and conditions.  Plan ahead and well. :) Then you will have a better chance to get your dream home.

And I am recommending all my clients to buy now, if they are thinking of buying in a year or two.  The market doesn't seem to go anywhere but up and so it the interest rate.  When the interest rate goes up, your buying power will diminish.  You have more buying power now than later, unless you are sitting on a huge stock option or your income increase dramatically.

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Japanese System Bath Unit imported from Japan

A nice wine cellar in basement

Lovely backyard garden

TOTO washlets

Glass devider with some kind of glasses in it.

Lovely Zen master bedroom

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