Monday, May 16, 2016

The reason you need to call your Realtor for your home value....

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My current listing is pending and I was curious of checking how all these big real estate companies provide the estimate on the property....

As of today (May 16, 2016),
Zillow    $588,400
Redfin    $713,927
Trulia     $569,000 ( I thought Zillow and Trulia have synchronized their contents.. But NOT.)
Remax   $578,300

The answer?

You will find out when it's sold but all are quite off from the real price.  Then, why do they provide such misunderstanding figures?  Not sure....

When you contact your Realtor, s/he will ask you whether s/he can visit your home.  S/he will ask you lots of questions to find out special features of your home,  some needed repair items,  etc, etc.,  All these questions are very important to determine the price of the property.  In addition,  it's important to compare your property with similar-sized properties nearby that were sold recently.  Then you also need to consider trends of real estate market in your area.  It is quite complicated.  It can not be done automatically.

That's why you need to call your Realtor to find out your current home value..... ;)


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