Wednesday, May 9, 2018

39 Sheridan Rd Uppper Rockridge - Just Sold

Yes, the escrow is just closed and 39 Sheridan found a lovely new owner!

The beginning of listing is always exciting and so much things to take care of.  There is always something new to learn.  Every single transaction is different.  Always a different challenge and thrill if I may say.

But in the end, my goal is find a lovely owner who hopefully enjoy living there for a long time and ultimately to find my client ( in this case, the seller) happy..... I hope I have achieved it.

The house was sold at $1,600,000 with multiple offers.  We received a strong offer.  The reasons we could achieved a great result were: we did all the right things: provided inspection reports, estimates if repairs are needed, made house ready by painting, deep cleaning, & steam-cleaned carpets, and dressed up to show its best by staging!



この物件は、最終的にオリジナルのリスティング価格より高く売れました。オファーも多数オファーが入りました。バイヤーさんは、とってもクリーンなオファーで、ローンの方も確実に 降りると確信が持てました。


最終売却額 $1,600,000  (簡単に書きますが、大変な高額です。汗)

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