Friday, September 23, 2016

Berkeley Real Estate Market - Trend changing?!

The San Francisco and Silicon Valley real estate markets are calming down and they are seeing the decline in price as a matter of fact.

How about in East Bay?

Let's check the trend in Berkeley real estate market.  I checked all the trends from January this year.  Up to June 2016, median and average price for sold properties were higher this year compared to that of last year.

In July, the median price got a bit lower than that of last year.

Then check out the graphs below: Both average and median price of sold properties were lower than last year.

EBRD Graph

EBRD Graph

EBRD Graph

Are you looking for home in Berkeley?  Do you see less buyers when you visit an open house?

Of course, there are always houses for sale that are priced low to attract more buyers and hence getting multiple offers.  But there are houses sitting in the market for a while and that need to reduce asking price, too.  It's quite  a change.


最近、 サンフランシスコ、シリコンバレーでは、少し、不動産の値が落ちてきました。あんなに上がったんだから、当然。なんて思う方もたくさんいると思うのですが。





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