Friday, September 9, 2016

East Bay Broker Tour

Yesterday was a broker tour in Berkeley and beyond....

I found many great properties.... The fall selling season has begun.



1. 622 Creston Rd Berkeley - $1,495,000

This is super nice!  Great flow. Beautiful kitchen.  Huge studio with a kitchen and a bath.  Nice backyard.  I bet this goes over $2M!


2. 1022 Creston Rd Berkeley -- $1,430,000

Another property on Creston Rd.  The Creeston Road is one above Grizzly Peak Blvd.  Though it's high up, the street is relatively wide and flat.  Easy to stroll and I love up there! 

The house has great views and ample space.  

またまた、クレストン通りにある物件です。眺めが良いですね。裏庭はないのですが、前庭はまあまあ使えますね。 素敵です。


3. 7315 Gladys Ave El Cerrito  --- $895,000

This is a great property.  The picture doesn't show you how great it is unfortunately.  Well planned deck that you can access from three different interiors.  Great kitchen. Huge mastersuite.   I definitely can live there!  :) Or shall I say I want to live there, pleeeease! 


If you have any real estate questions, please call/text me anytime at 510-409-3472.


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