Friday, September 16, 2016

Berkeley School Finder

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For parents or soon to be parents who want to move to the area where their kids may be able to attend to their desired schools, here is some information about the city of Berkeley.


First, you go to their website:


Next, you want to find out which elementary school your child can attend.  Here is what the site says:

What elementary school is my student going to attend?
Elementary schools are divided into three attendance zones:
Northwest Zone: Berkeley Arts Magnet, Jefferson, Rosa Parks and Thousand Oaks
Central Zone: Berkeley Arts Magnet, Cragmont, Malcolm X, Oxford and Washington
Southeast Zone: Emerson, John Muir, LeConte (grades 1-5) and Malcolm X
District-wide: LeConte Two Way Immersion Elementary School (open to incoming kindergarten students from all Berkeley attendance zones)
Your child will be assigned to an elementary school in his/her attendance zone or LeConte Elementary Two Way Immersion.


The below link, you can find out which school zone you belong to: 

これは他の市の分け方と異なります。が、 ゾーンを上記のように分けることによって、より公平に、より様々なバックグランド、人種、などなどを上手く混合できるようにしているということです。



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